Health Coach

As a health coach, I help people create small shifts to grow stronger foundations in many different areas such as:
-routine building

These small shifts start the momentum to achieve the necessary energy for transformation.

Choose between private or group coaching and in-person, via phone or Zoom.

I am here to listen, question, applaud, encourage and be a witness to your transformation.  Yes, you can be healthier and happier.

Peggy Huddleston,
Heal Faster (TM) Facilitator

As a Peggy Huddleston Heal Faster (TM) facilitator, I facilitate hour-long workshops to help clients heal. We start by learning the two mind-body techniques of relaxation and visualization.

After a workshop, you can choose to continue healing with me privately or in groups.

Let me help you learn how to shift out of stress into calm and rework your worries into positive visualizations unique to you. This helps you lessen your stress so your immune system has a more ideal environment to function optimally. Side effects?  Yes, most clients feel happier and healthier. Nice side effects I think ;)

I personally used Peggy Huddleston's Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster program 15+ years ago while I was fighting to stay healthy at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. I still use it today to help me shift out of stress into calm no matter what my worries.

I would love to show you how to feel more peaceful and heal more easily. Ready to step in to a life that has more calm?

Here are a few of the workshops that I offer.
-Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster (TM)
-Lessen the Effects of Headaches, Insomnia or Anxiety
-Lessen Chronic Pain
-Prepare for Mammogram
-Prepare for Medical Tests (MRI, biopsy, etc)
...and more.

"Working with Sara
was a total
game changer"

-Debra K., Charleston, SC