I am so happy, grateful and proud to announce my new program.
[drum roll please]

Lighter: Body and Mind

The last several years have weighed many of us down...down...down.
Collectively we're feeling sluggish, unmotivated, overwhelmed and heavy.

Our hearts feel heavy.

Our bodies feel heavy.

Our minds feel heavy.

After a year of major transformation for myself - I'm fired up to share my new unique path forward.

Lighter: Body and Mind

Lighter: Body and Mind

Finally shed the worries and weight* that are keeping you from living your best life, naturally, so you feel lighter in body and mind. 

Do you find yourself:
• Getting caught in heavy negative thinking?
• Exercising and not seeing the pounds come off?
• Sleeping poorly or feeling wired and tired?
• Only taking face shots? Avoiding those full body photos?

On the flip side, would you love?
• Would you love to feel light, energetic bursting with energy?
• Would you like to be able to eat the foods you love and still see pounds disappear?
• Would you love to turn body weight frustration into body weight bliss and appreciation?
• Would you love to shift away from worry into more calm and ease?

If you answered YES, then this program maybe perfect for you!

Lighter: Body and Mind

Health Coach Sara Cyr has created a special Zoom-topia space for all to gather to work on releasing and rewiring things that make us feel heavy.