Ready to kick off
losing weight?
This challenge is for you!

10 Days to a Lighter You

I've found that 10 Days is just enough time to train and inspire your body to lose weight, but not so much time that you cannot get all 10 days done!

Cue the accomplishments!

Challenges are one of my favorite ways to get to know you. I love cheering us all on to eating healthier and feeling lighter.

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10 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Losing weight is one of the healthiest changes you can make for your body.

By losing excess weight, you lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. You can improve your mood, sleep and joint comfort.

Yet losing weight and breaking vicious junk energy snack cycles takes up a ton of energy, focus and willpower month after month, year after year...

(um, no, I don't want a piece of your cake.)

And over time, we can give up because it drains our reserves, especially willpower and eventually life takes over again and the pounds creep back on.

(can you please stop refilling your desktop candy jar?)

My answer to typical weight loss exhaustion? 

My 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge 

I'm offering this 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge because

1. I love challenges and how accomplished I feel at the end.
2. I love the results.

If you've ever done a Whole 30 you know what I mean.

Beyond weight loss results, this 10 day will ignite your motivation to make longer-term lifestyle changes and get you eating healthier and feeling lighter!